HD313 All Purpose Cleaner can be used wherever cleaning is required….. from sterilizing baby bottles to clean, degrease and disinfect your kitchen, pack houses and mining equipment !

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EASY CLEAN is the number one All Purpose Cleaner exclusively formulated for HD313 Cleaning Solutions by one of it’s owners as a heavy duty Detergent & Disinfectant Detergent. It has been primarily tested to be a suitable cleaning & disinfectant liquid for the food industry, but can also be used as a degreaser for engine parts, steel work, petrol pumps, workshops, toilets and tiles, wash bays and for removing grease and wax.

EASY CLEAN is seen as the ultimate turn key solution wherever cleaning is required!

  1. It replaces almost all your current cleaning products.
  2. It is cost effective. You can expect an overall saving of at least 30% off your cleaning budget.
  3. It is environmentally friendly, Bio-Degradable & Non Corrosive. Contains no bleach, acids or ammonia
  4. It really cleans! Our clients use EASY CLEAN to clean virtually everything, from mildew on shower tiles and stubborn stains on clothes to chicken cages, factory engines & engine rooms on vessels.

You will be pleasantly surprised how HD313 Cleaning Solutions will change the way you think about cleaning. It certainly made a difference for all our clients.

domestic cleaning products

Domestic Cleaning

Replaces all your other cleaning products in and around the house

industrial cleaning products

Industrial Cleaning

Ideal for cleaning in factories and workshops.

hospital and hotel cleaning products

Healthcare & Hospitality

All purpose cleaning in hospitals, medical practices, hotels and restaurants

farm cleaning products

Agricultural Cleaning

Use to clean chicken feeders, milk dairies and more...

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