About HD313 Cleaning Solutions-EASY CLEAN

 All Purpose Cleaner is exclusively formulated as a concentrated heavy duty detergent, disinfectant, degreaser, stain remover, sanitiser and steriliser.

Features and Benefits:


HD313 Cleaning Solutions manufacture, market & sells an ALL PURPOSE CLEANER – EASY CLEANthat is non-toxic, non-corrosive, eco friendly cleaning product for all possible Domestic-, Industrial-, Agricultural-, Health- & Hospitality industry uses which, in the long run, enhances the quality of life through responsible manufacturing conduct.

EASY CLEAN does not contain bleach or ammonia.

 Together we save the planet – think green!

EASY CLEAN is safe to use in Septic Tanks

The grey water is safe to use in gardens, on grass and plant on a regular basis

 HD313 All Purpose Cleaner is a cleaning product that can be used wherever cleaning is required – even with cold water (yes, it helps save on your electricity bill!)

Use EASY CLEAN effectively in any of the following industries:

  • agricultural (fruit pack houses, chicken farms and cages, dairy farms, abattoirs, etc)
  • industrial (factories and workshops)
  • domestic (at home and when on holiday)
  • healthcare (hospitals, clinics, medical practices)
  • hospitality (hotels, guest houses, lodges and restaurants)
  • shipping industry (effectively cleans engine rooms & all surfaces. Safe to use on Rubberducks!

Easy Clean is anti-bacterial, non toxic and biodegradable.  

HD313 EASY CLEAN has been tested to be a suitable cleaning liquid for the food industry & tested by the SABS for SANS 1853(Disinfectant Detergent) & SANS 1828(Non Corrosive).

HD313 EASY CLEAN  has been certified by the National Regulator for Compulsary Specification (NRCS). Our registration number is Act5GNR529/2882641/140/0748

It is also an effective degreaser for engine parts, petrol pumps, workshops & steel works in factories and workshops. 

EASY CLEAN is a huge cost saver for Cleaning Companies – cleaning companies can expect an average saving on cleaning materials of between 20% – 40% minimum. Excellent for use in shopping malls, factories, municipalities, schools, universities and colleges, office blocks, pack houses, chicken cages etc.

All Purpose Cleaner