Directions for use

HD313 EASY CLEAN Concentrated All-Purpose Cleaner

EASY CLEAN is a universal, water based super compound with excellent general and tenacious cleaning properties. Combined with active degreasing agents , EASY CLEAN is a first-choice product for almost all household, office and industrial cleaning applications.

How to use:

 DIRECTIONS FOR GENERAL USE:   Dilute with  cold water as required to suit the specific cleaning application. Spray-on, wipe-on, mop-on or use via extraction or scrubber equipment. Leave EASY CLEAN on surface as long as required and rinse with water or wipe off. Repeat as required.

DILUTION INFORMATION HEAVY DUTY :  Apply neat or dilute 1:5 parts water for industrial & other heavy duty cleaning applications including: general equipment, machinery, engines, chassis, ovens, grills, pots, pans, filters, metal parts, extraction equipment, paving, flooring & bricks.

 MEDIUM DUTY : Dilute 1:10 parts water for medium duty general daily cleaning of walls, floors, kitchens, bathrooms, carpets, rugs, work tops, glass, tiles, porcelain, ceramic, natural stone, bins and almost any other common household & general application. Great for laundry and carpet spotting, laundry additive,  soaking, fabric washing or shampooing.

 LIGHT DUTY:  Dilute up to 1:50 parts water for light duty, daily cleaning applications of most hard & soft surfaces, including ferrous & non-ferrous metals.

Special Notes:

  •  Eco-Friendly Bio-Degradable Water Based Concentrated EASY CLEAN is safe for Septic Tank Systems
  •  ADVANTAGES & BIO INFORMATION:  EASY CLEAN is a non-flammable water based compound. Caustic-Free, Phenol-Free, Ammonia-Free, Phosphate-free , Chrome Abrasive-Free & High Aromatic Hydrocarbon-Free.
  •  Safe for septic tank systems.
  • Safe on metals and painted surfaces.
  • Effective even when diluted in hard water.
  • Safe for use via high pressure & other equipment systems.
  • Contains rust inhibitors & water softeners.
  • Non-corrosive to metals.
  • Safe on aluminium & stainless steel
  •  Removes: Fat, Grease, Oil, Grime, Carbon Deposits Stains on Fabric (Blood, Wine,Ink)
  • EASY CLEAN is an Industrial Detergent and Degreaser with remarkable properties.
  •  Is a bio-degradable, water based, concentrated Fast Acting Detergent and Powerful Degreaser.
  • This product will clean on contact.
  •  Non- Toxic, Non-Abrasive, Non-Flammable, Non-Corrosive, Environmentally Friendly and safe for use any washable surface.
  •  This product is safe for food preparation areas and surfaces.
  •  Leaves no residual coating or odour.
  •  Safe for use via high pressure washers. Low foaming properties.
  •  Safe to use undiluted on any washable surface.
  • We  recommend: Heavy Duty Cleaning – Use undiluted


  • Special Notes:

Product Usages

  • This product was formulated  in order to introduce an environmentally friendly, water based, non toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-bleaching, highly concentrated  to the market with industry in mind.
  • Common uses: Engines, Machinery, Equipment, Aircon Filters, Concrete, Stone, Grease Traps, Shower Stalls, Sanitary Fittings, Motor Vehicle, Mag Wheels, Walls & Floors
  • Removes Fat, Grease, Oil, Grime, Carbon Deposits Stains on Fabric (Blood, Wine, Ink)

HD313 Active Tile  & Laminate Floor Cleaner

  •  HD313 Active Tile Cleaner is a quick dry and streak-free tile cleaner that leaves floors, tile surfaces and other hard surfaces shining and sparkling.
  • Contains a refreshing lavender fragrance.

Product Directions

  •  Fill 20 litre bucket with cold water and add  (50ml: 20Llitres water) caps of HD313.
  •  For best results, use in conjunction with microfiber tool & mop, regular mop or soft cloth & wipe floor surface. Microfiber tools will ensure ease of cleaning and quick dry.
  • Rinse the cleaning tool with clean water & repeat the application if necessary
  •  Additional drying with clean dry utensil may be required.

HD313 Window & Glass Surface Cleaner

HD313 Window and Glass Surface Cleaner,  may to be used on all types of glass, mirrors, windows, tables, glass doors and general automotive glass, leaving surfaces sparkling and dust free & effectively removes and cleans dirt and dust build up, grime and environmental residue, leaving glass surfaces sparkling and crystal clear.

Product Directions

  •  Dilute 35ml HD313 in 1L water.
  •  Spray on surface to be cleaned and wipe off with clean, soft and absorbent material. Preferably microfiber.
  •  Effective when used for daily cleaning applications as and when required.

HD313  Disinfectant

  • Suitable to be used as an all purpose- and disinfectant cleaner in areas including washroom, bathroom and toilet facilities.

Product Directions

  • May be sprayed on, mopped on or used by hand washing application.
  •  Dilution: Use neat to ensure maximum germ/bacteria kill ratio. Ensure contact time is greater than 5 minutes.
  •  May be diluted to suit application with water if required

Product Directions

  • Apply neat or mix with water and as required. May be applied by mixing with hot or cold water in a bucket.

HD313 Toilet Bowl De-Scaler & Cleaner

  •  Use as an effective deep cleaning, stain remover and de-scaler
  • Suitable for daily effective hygiene cleaning of toilets.
  • Effectively neutralizes and kills odour causing bacteria and germs.

Product Directions

  • For maximum effectiveness, apply neat directly into the toilet or around surfaces requiring disinfecting and cleaning.
  • Allow a 5 minute contact time on surface to be disinfected before rinsing.

HD313 Stain Remover

  • Assists in removing general soiling and harsh protein stains including grease and even blood
  •  This product is a colour safe.

Product Directions

  •  Use approximately 5ml per 1kg dry laundry load (depends on how dirty yourwashing)
  • Usage may vary depending on the degree of garment soiling.

HD313 Intensive Carpet Cleaner

  • Deep cleans and leaves carpets refreshingly clean and inviting again.
  • This product may be used as a pre-spotter.
  •  Perfect for use either by hand wash, common and professional carpet extraction cleaning units or machines.

Product Directions

  •  Mix 50ml into a 10 litre bucket of cold water
  •  Alternatively spray diluted solution via trigger spray directly onto household carpet, rugs, upholstery or car seats and leave for 5 – 10 minutes. Proceed to scrub, agitate, wipe and extract residue

HD313 Braai, Grill & Oven Cleaner

  • Formulated with super tough degreasing agents.
  • A build up of fat, oil and protein matter on grilling surfaces caused by high cooking temperature requires an effective emulsifier based alkaline degreaser to remove grime build up.
  • This product may be used to clean other frying equipment and the cement or floor tiles around the braai or grilling areas.

Product Directions

  •  Spray product directly onto the surface that requires cleaning.
  • Leave applied for 5 – 10 minutes and rinse with clean water. Repeat the application if required.
  • Use a clean cloth our scorer to assist with the manual cleaning process.

All Purpose Cleaner